Who Are We?

We are identical twin sisters who share almost everything in common.


I am Jennyffer, and I am a social and political commentator and activist.  I get paid to conduct academic research and I am working on my Phd in Education, Culture, and Society at the University of Utah were I focus on immigration policy reflecting on how the construction of policy intersects with race, racism, and education.  On a lighter note, I love science fiction movies, zombies, dressing like an academic hipster, and dream of one day having my very own Morkie, who I will name Mortimer.   I love him already.


Talk about over achieving.  Kidding!

I am Claudia and I climb rocks for fun.  I love climbing because it pushes me to be better not only physically, but as a person.  I love it because of the mental edge it gives me.  I also climb plastic rocks because real rocks are kinda far.  I love the arts, reading comic books, and exploring.  I travel as much as I can- you will never hear me say no to a road trip or last minute excursion.  Currently,  I am aiming toward getting a Masters Degree in Education.  My Morkie will be named Bronco.


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